Elios Engineering

Elios Engineering is an appreciated professional services firm founded in 1988, with 2 distinct areas of expertise:

• STONE consulting, cladding and engineered anchor systems

We are proud to have developed numerous long-term relationships with our valued clients over the years, and understand the importance of collaboration, trust and respect in all our interactions. We believe there is an innovative solution to every engineering challenge as we strive to facilitate the vision of our clients.

We provide façade consulting services to architects, building owners and developers. Our suite of specialty analyses helps solve complex design challenges and improves constructability.

Our consulting services include materials research, specialty analyses, detailed design, engineering and construction supports and façade failure investigations.

In the technology-driven cladding industry, innovation comes with the territory. Nearly two-thirds of the façades we design and engineer are based on customized systems that involve unique combinations of materials.

Architectural intent and project-specific objectives, such as targets for thermal or acoustic performance, drive novel design solutions. Our ever-expanding set of technological tools enables us to deliver high-functioning designs that have been validated by prototype testing.